Hi there.

I’m Kelsey.

I’m a Type 2 Enneagram focused Coach & Therapist who knows what it’s like to feel the weight of not prioritizing myself, but also desiring so deeply to invest in my own growth and live more authentically as myself.

For me, over the past 12 years as a therapist, I’ve witnessed how mindfulness, the Enneagram & Self Compassion were tools God used to deeply transform the way I connected with myself, with God, and with others, but I struggled with how to apply what I was learning.

It wasn’t until I hired a coach to walk alongside me and help me apply what I was learning that the true transformation came…

  • Are you searching for someone who just “gets you” like I was so that you can stop living your life in the same patterns that leave you feeling frustrated and burned out?
  • Are you someone who invests so much into others, but has left yourself on the back burner?
  • Do you struggle to apply and consistently live out what you’re learning about yourself through the Enneagram, but desire to live in more long lasting freedom?

I am committed to helping you understand & embrace the unique strengths of how you were made & apply what you’re learning so that you can have a more connected relationship with yourself, with God, with and others.

Let’s chat! I’d love to hear what’s on your heart.

My favorite things:


  • The Gift of Being Yourself
  • Self Compassion
  • Try Softer
  • Set Boundaries, Find Peace


  • Living Enneagram
  • The Living Easy Podcast
  • Unlocking Us
  • Dream Big


  • Crossfit
  • Playing piano
  • Good coffee shops
  • Deep conversations


  • Watching the Office
  • Journaling
  • A good book
  • Walks