Enneagram Typing Interview

Enneagram assessment to narrow down your type

You will receive an assessment before our session we will use as a starting point to see which types you may resonate with.

55 Minute Call to determine your type

In our call we will do a deep dive with several questions that cover all areas of your life to discover your type.

Continued growth plan after our session

I give you specific suggestions for your type so you can take next steps to grow, or if we haven’t discovered your type, I give you resources you can engage in on your own to further this journey.

If you are unsure of your type, this is a great place to start to dive deeper into what makes you. We will use these results in our ongoing time together, or you are welcome to schedule this as a one time assessment.

Investment: $97

1:1 Enneagram Coaching

5, bi-weekly calls (55 min each)

This is where we explore your type in depth and cover several areas that are important for your growth and to live more authentically as the person you want to be.

Email check in’s between sessions

You will have email access to check in with me during my office hour if you have a question, need to process something, or share your growth for accountability.

my office hours:(M-Th 9-5pm PST)

Resource growth list for your type

I provide you with specific resources to continue to grow on your own outside of sessions that you can also use after you have completed the 5 sessions of coaching together.

Feeling like you need someone in your corner to help you understand yourself on a deeper level so you can experience more connection and freedom in your life and relationships? 1×1 coaching is for you.

I help you apply the Enneagram to your every day life, explore your struggles and strengths, and help you life more authentically as the person you were called to be.

Investment: $800 (monthly payment plan available)

Group Coaching

8 weeks of 55 min group coaching sessions

Each week we will dive into the most common growth and struggle areas for each type (also will be recorded if you miss them).

Q&A time following each session

15 minutes at the end of each coaching session to interact at the end of our session to gain greater clarity for yourself.

Weekly growth suggestions for each type

I will give you suggestions for your type of where you can take next steps to grow and reflect in between our sessions.

Not sure you’re ready to invest in 1×1 coaching but still want to grow in your awareness of your type in an affordable way? This is for you!

We walk through 8 weeks of learning about the most important pieces of growth for all 9 types.

This is interactive where you can learn from others and their experiences, ask questions, and also get a plan for growth moving forward for your specific type at the end of the 8 weeks.

Investment: $200 (monthly payment plans available)